Pack2Go Packing List
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Have you ever gone on a trip only to arrive at your destination realizing that you forgot something. Not any more. Pack2Go is an easy to use packing list builder that allows travelers to track needed packing items. Should you need a starter list, Pack2Go Pro will provide you with over 90 pre-defined packing items. These items can be customized to meet your travel needs.

Pack2Go Free Features

- Add packing items to your customized category list
- Select customized categories from a drop-down list

- Swipe left to remove an item from your packing list
- Change packed item names, categories, and quantities
- Check off packed items when packed
- Create a list on your iPad and check off items on your iPhone.  
- One touch reset for next trip

- One touch reset of individual packed item quantities
- Packing progress tracking

Pack2Go Pro Features

- All Pack2Go Free features
- No packing item limit
- Includes over 90+ pre-defined packing items

Download Pack2Go Free and upgrade to Pack2Go Pro
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